Ceilidh Beck B. HK (Kinesiology)
Ceilidh Beck
  CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), Provincial B (Soccer), SCS (Sport Conditioning Specialist): Since 2008, Coach Ceilidh has been employed by the professional coaching company, North Shore Soccer Development Centre. For the 2010 Season, Ceilidh was on staff with the Women's Whitecaps W-League team as their Strength and Conditioning Specialist and continues to work with the Women's Prospect teams. After completing her degree in Human Kinetics at Trinity Western University and five years of varsity soccer, she worked with Twist Conditioning Inc. for four years. During her time at Twist Conditioning, she trained a variety of athletes: professional and elite hockey (male & female), national/professional & NCAA Div. 1 soccer (male & female), professional cyclist (Svien Tuft-2007 US Open Championships 1st – 2007, UCI Americas Tour Champion 1st – 2007 , 2nd in World Time Trials), national level netball (female), university football, university rugby, basketball, cross-country mountain bikers, lacrosse, ringette, rowers, competitive swimmers, racquetball, mountaineer, and the list of recreational athletes goes on.
Coach Ceilidh returned to Vancouver after persuing a coaching position for university soccer (NCAA Div. 2) and living in Sydney, Australia. In 2005, Ceilidh was recruited to take a graduate assistant position with North Georgia College Women’s Varsity Soccer (NCAA Div. 2—Peach Belt Conference). She was appointed assistant coach while enrolled in the Physical Education Master’s program on full scholarship.

While in Australia, she increased her experience in group fitness, personal training, coaching soccer, delivering certifications, and consulting. She worked for Next Generation Clubs where she was training general populations, and leading several group fitness classes (aqua cross training, sculpt, strength ball). Also, she worked independently consulting with corporate training companies, private schools, and disability services company.

  “This training was not only highly demanding, it has been very effective in helping me overcome the bulk of the root causes to my issues. My training with Ceilidh Beck has taken me through remediation and progressed to help me develop new strength and ability.” –Dale Carr

In addition, Coach Ceilidh has extensive experience in playing and coaching soccer at an elite level. She has played Division 1 NCAA (Jacksonville State University, AL) on an athletic scholarship, CIS (Trinity Western University) on an athletic scholarship, semi-professional, and premier league. Furthermore, her soccer specific coaching experience spans over six years of soccer camps, academy’s, Division II NCAA, and U-16 Gold. Since 2008, Coach Ceilidh has been employed by the professional coaching company, North Shore Soccer Development Centre.

Currently, Ceilidh trains a variety of clients ranging from National level/professional/immerging athletes, recreational enthusiasts, and actors. If not in training with clients, Ceilidh can be found running on the trails of Lynn Valley, skiing Whistler/Blackcomb, playing tennis, or lifting at the gym!