beck athletics
One-On-One Training
Training that is catered to your athletic needs and goals.
Doubles Training
Have a partner or friend that has the same athletic goals? Doubles training is a great way to experience training along side someone you know to help motivate you.
  Ceilidh has helped me find a new confidence and appreciation for my self and my body; she has created a better me!
Sport Specific Assessment
Be observed in your sporting environment for biomechanics, movement efficiency and sport specific skill. Local events only. Copy of observations presented in a report after the event in a consultation setting. Detailed tactical or position specific observations available for soccer athletes.
Svein Tuft
The offseason I worked with Ceilidh, I went on to have my bext season on the road - injury free and the best results I've ever had. – Svein Tuft, Professional Cyclist
Athletic Testing
Includes measurable results for the following athletic attributes: balance, lateral leg power, standing leg power, vertical power, core stability/endurance, speed, agility, and fully body power.
Home Program
Have a personalized program created for any environment, goal, and sport. You do not need a gym to have an effective program. An Initial Consultation is required (1/2 hour)to acquire information for the program. Subsequent appointment to deliver the Home Program.
Ready for The Whistle
Bring in a professional soccer and conditioning coach to teach your team a modern warm-up to optimally prepare the athletes for the start of the game. This service is provided for the team on their regular practice field within North Vancouver. Each athlete will have a copy of “Ready For the Whistle” that includes
One-On-One Soccer Specific Skills (On Field)
On-field one-on-one coaching targeted at the fundamentals of soccer specific skills. Sessions are focused on dribbling skills, shooting power and accuracy, ball control and any other areas requested by the athlete.
Guest Soccer Coach
Have a professional coach take over for a practice. Choose a focus for the practice, and a practice plan will be created and implemented by the guest coach.