beck athletics
jenn turner   I first met Ceilidh to discuss a patient that she was training, and was impressed with her level of understanding of the body and its movements and mechanics. I immediately wanted to start training with her and have been ever since. Not only have I seen a dramatic increase in my strength and performance in triathlon, but working with Ceilidh on a professional level has been great! My patients have been able to gain strength to prevent injury that can inhibit their performance.

— Dr. Jenn Turner
Chiropractor/Ironman Athlete

2008- Sub 11 hour ironman at Ironman Arizona
2007- 5th place age group Ironman Canada
2005- Long Course World Champion

sandra sander   Trail running is my passion. I began to be plagued by overuse injuries. Referred to Ceilidh by my doctor, to work on glute strength I began training in September 2009. I had always compartmentalized weight training and running as two unrelated activities, and knew nothing of "movement" as a science that could so help my strength and performance. I began to notice differences in my running after my first session with Ceilidh. Her knowledge of the body and how it moves, her passion for her work, professionalism and understanding of sport and athletes makes for an incredible training experience. Every athlete has something to learn from Ceilidh. Muscle weaknesses or imbalance, proper recruitment, muscle patterning or movement techniques - It has amazed me how one slight change can vastly improve performance. Ceilidh is a coach. She encourages you to play your edge, to be the best you can be and to maximize your body's strength and movement.

After meeting Ceilidh, I knew I wanted her to work with my teenage son. Quiet, and lacking confidence he was an athlete that was always injured and sore. Poor posture, with his head down he was shy to try new things and was very body conscious. Her rapport with teenagers and unfaltering faith and confidence in my son have led him to a place I never thought possible. He is now strong and fit, moves freely and with ease and has recently competed and won his age group in two trail races. He has gained flexibility and strength and the confidence to try new things. This sounds corny but is true. Ceilidh has changed his life.

— Sandra Sander
Competitive Trail Running

graham tutti   I originally began my search for a new personal trainer to prevent injury and get my body back into “alignment”. I do a variety of sports and really needed help in balancing out some of my weaknesses while creating greater strength in all areas.

I’ve been to many personal trainers and did my research before going with Ceilidh. In the end I was very comfortable with her personal positioning as a “Movement Specialist” and have found our focus on form and doing things properly to be key. I’ve remained injury free since I started with Ceilidh over a year ago and my strength and power have increased substantially.

— Graham Tutti
Competitive Road Cyclist, Adventure Racing, Mountain Biking

dale carr   I came to Beck Athletics on the recommendation of my chiropractor. At the time I was suffering pain, strength and mobility issues relating to a number of sport related injuries both old and new.

After a thorough assessment Ceilidh Beck established an initial course of training that quickly provided me with the body strength that I needed to enable me to overcome both the symptoms and causes of my problems. This training was not only highly demanding, it has been very effective in helping me overcome the bulk of the root causes to my issues. My training with Ceilidh Beck has taken me through remediation and progressed to help me develop new strength and ability.

Ceilidh Beck is very good at assessing my specific condition and as I have progressed has continually developed customized training specific to my needs so as to ensure that I get the maximum benefit. Her training is very hands on and demonstrative with full explanations of what areas a specific activity will target, how it works and what the benefits are within the context of my objectives. I appreciate her very significant knowledge of her field and her ability to share this knowledge with me as an aid to her training. Her enthusiasm and motivation has been a major factor in my recovery and improvement.

Working with Ceilidh I have realized great improvement in my favorite activities (hiking, biking, running and skiing) as well as in my general daily activities. My stamina and strength has grown significantly, my style has improved and my injuries have been largely negated. As a result my enjoyment and confidence has been boosted.

I continue to train with Ceilidh. I find her training to be enjoyable, satisfying and educational and highly recommend Beck Athletics.

— Dale Carr
Trail running/skiing/mountain biking