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  Prior to working with Ceilidh I have had several other trainers. I never got to the fitness level that I wanted to be at. I would be plagued with one injury after another. My posture was very poor and I was developing a hunched back. For the hours I spent exercising I just did not feel I was seeing any improvements. When I had my initial assessment with Ceilidh I was surprised to find I was too flexible in certain areas, not flexible enough in others and I had way over-trained my traps which was causing me a lot of problems. I had to learn how to do much different exercises, and do them properly. I have now got much better balance and much more strength. I have noticeable improvement in my posture. I am way more confident that my core will do its job. I golf 3 - 4 cays a week and my game and stamina have both improved. Most importantly I will be able to avoid the injuries that used to sideline me. I would highly recommend Ceilidh as a coach. After all if you are going to put in the hours you want to know you are doing the right thing!

— Janice Mitchell
Competitive Golfer