beck athletics
  I have IT band syndrome and physio didn't work for me. Ceilidh gave me a training program to work on my muscle imbalances and movement techniques. After a bit of hard work with Celidh's help I started to feel improvements and haven't looked back since.

— Steve Reid
Mountain Biking/Ski Touring

  I have attended personal training and fitness classes for the last 6 years. In that time, I have met a lot of different trainers. Ceilidh Beck distinguishes herself with her keen eye for correct form and vast knowledge of body mechanics and movement. She is able to adapt and progress exercises whether the goal is rehabilitation from an injury or training for a specific sport. Since training with her I have noticed improved strength, posture , flexibility, and body awareness.

— Janie Sam MD
Downhill skiing/Hiking

  At first I thought working with a personal trainer that would only give me marginal improvements in my running, but I figured I would try it anyway. After working with Ceilidh for 12 sessions over about 8 months, I have experienced big improvements in my overall fitness. Ceilidh’s expertise in kinesiology has improved many aspects of my fitness which I didn’t even realize were lacking and some aspects I didn’t think were able to be improved. Even though I originally went to improve my running, I found when I hit the slopes this winter I could ski way more amazingly than I used to, and that’s saying something because I skied pretty amazingly before! Also, thanks to Ceilidh’s training, I’m much less injury prone and feel better doing everything from workouts to sitting in front of the computer.

— Terrence Clark
Running, Hiking, Skiing

  Caylee . . . (I have given up trying to spell her name correctly) constantly amazes me with her knowledge of physical and mental training and preparation. When I was racing snowboards (back in the late 1900’s) I had youth on my side and could abuse my body and expect it to bounce back. Things are different now. I have to respect my body and treat it . . . like a normal human being. That sucks, of course, but I have a different advantage now. I have a trainer that can help me achieve maximum performance without having to abuse myself. My latest challenge is to learn how to Nordic ski jump. It is true flight (when it works) and an amazing rush. It is a frustratingly slow learning curve, however, and there is simply no way I could have tuned my training and recovery (and mental state) to progress without her help and willingness to work around my long list of injuries. Her knowledge of nutrition has also been huge for me as I have to deal with being hypoglycemic and a few other things.

Cieldh, (did I get that right?) you rock. Thank you for everything. I will fly (consistently and far) some day and it will be, to a great extent, because of your help.

— James Klassen
Snowboarding/Nordic Ski Jumping

3rd Place, Burton U.S. Open Downhill 1986
1st Place, Burton U.S. Open Downhill 1987
World speed record 1997
3rd Place, slalom, World Championships 1987

  I met Ceilidh coaching my sons soccer team, and I was very impressed with her ability to manage and inspire 12 young boys. I started training with Ceilidh after having prostate cancer surgery. She was instrumental in restoring my strength and confidence in my own athletic abilities, and in improving my soccer performance. I wholeheartedly endorse her skills as a personal trainer and a soccer coach!

— Rob Greene