beck athletics
Do you enjoy recreation and sport?
When training with Beck Athletics, you will learn to maximize performance in your sport using strength training, flexibility, and movement training. Through the use of a biomechanical assessment, the specific needs for your body and sport will be determined. The observations from the assessment will be addressed in subsequent sport conditioning sessions. Game assessments conducted in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Vancouver are offered to observe soccer skills so an individualized skill development program can be created.
Having difficulty getting over an injury?
With 19 years of experience in the field of sport conditioning, Coach Ceilidh has developed methods to overcome chronic overuse injuries caused from sport or recreation. Overcoming chronic injury is achieved by correcting movement patterns and balancing muscles. For injuries that cannot be completely healed, a tailored program is created to better manage the injury giving the client more freedom of movement. The specific sport of the client can be assessed in real time in North Vancouver, West Vancouver or Vancouver to observe potential bio mechanical inefficiencies that lead to injury or submaximal performance. Soccer skills are also assessed for biomedical shortfalls to improve speed, agility, and resistance to overuse injuries.
Would you like to improve  your performance in your  endurance sport?
Increase movement efficiency in your endurance sport and enjoy better energy economy. Whether you are into road cycling, mountain biking, running, triathlons, or Nordic skiing, movement training is of great importance. Small movement inefficiencies lead to over-use injuries, untapped power, and wasted energy. These inefficiencies in movement can be improved through strength and flexibility training.
Jenn Turner My patients have been able to gain strength to prevent injury that can inhibit their performance.
Do you dream of being back into dynamic activity but have  lost strength and flexibility?
Training adults to be re introduced to sport and recreation involves reconditioning of a body that has already been trained in the past. Muscle memory allows for swift acquisition of movement skills. Improve self esteem through body awareness and increasing athletic tools. Come experience overall fitness training that aims at increasing athletic tools. More athletic tools will encourage an individual to participate in activities that will keep them active for a lifetime.
Graham Tutti
I’ve been to many personal trainers and did my research before going with Ceilidh. In the end I was very comfortable with her personal positioning as a “Movement Specialist” and have found our focus on form and doing things properly to be key.” -Graham Tutti – Competitive Road Cyclist, Mountain Biking, Adventure Racing
Are you an adolescent going through a growth spurt and are experiencing chronic injury or have lost your speed and agility?
Movement, flexibility and strength training can be adapted for growth spurts in adolescents. Specific exercises are selected to meet the needs of a rapidly growing skeleton and ever tightening muscles. An additional result of strength training is increased self-efficacy which is often needed in youth populations.
Are you an elite or professional athlete preparing for competition season?
Off-season training is a critical time for an athlete to create a foundation of strength and improve movement patterns. Coach Ceilidh has trained a wide variety of athletes including: ice hockey, soccer, basketball, softball, football, rugby, Nordic ski jumping, road cycling, cyclocross, trail running, triathletes, lacrosse, netball, golf, mountaineers, swimmers, and adventure racing. Experience a professional’s approach to periodized training leading into your competition season.